Taylor Swift And The Lucky Couple!

29D0898500000578-3132748-image-a-59_1434822416701An incredible way to announce pregnancy! Find out how Taylor Swift supported two people that are huge fans of hers let everyone know that they’re pregnant!

Is this epic, or what?!

When Jesse and Lindsey Rasmussen from Louisville, Ky found out that they are pregnant with their first child, they had no idea how epic their announcement would be. Taylor Swift herself joined in their celebration of new life and helped share the news and excitement!

How it came to it, you might ask. Well, Lindsey and her husband actually met their idol, Taylor Swift, during a media meet and greet. They just found out that they are pregnant and had their ultrasound photo with them the same time Swift was performing on her concert.

According to Jesse, once they got the ultrasound photos, the idea came to his wife’s mind of making a sign with the words “Baby’s First Concert” written on it. Given that his wife is a kindergarten teacher, he let her creativity take over and make the sign.

No matter how great the idea seemed they were still unsure of whether they’ll really do it, so the sign and the pictures were hidden at first according to  AceShowbiz.  As nervous as they were, it all vanished once Taylor Swift entered the room and just hugged everyone she met. According to them, she’s the sort of person that comes up to you, hugs you and says thanks, unlike the usual cold approach where most celebs just shake your hand and say hi. Sometimes not even that!

Based on this welcoming and relaxed introduction, Jesse was excited about the plan that they had. It sort of just came out. “Hey we’re having a baby! Can you help us tell everyone?” The surprise by the request was obvious, and she was really moved that we asked her for help. Not a moment of doubt was in her mind; she agreed and thought it was an excellent idea!

Now came the time to tell their family and friends. According to Jesse, their reactions were not immediate. Almost everyone found out about the pregnancy with the picture of them with Taylor Swift. Later they posted the photo on their social media. Their reactions were almost all the same. They’d say it was cool that they got to meet Taylor Swift, then some comments about how beautiful and tall she was, and finally they would notice the sign. All confused they asked what the sign said. And then the joy spread!images

According to Jesse, it was one of the best days of his life, being given the opportunity to announce that he was going to be a father. What added to the excitement and joy is the unique way they got to do it, with the help of their favorite idol, Taylor Swift!

They described Swift as a sweet and honest person, hoping that someday they might meet her again and thank her for her involvement. They also hope she might meet their child, who will be a future Swifty as well! What’s more fantastic is that they got a thank-you not from Swift in which she congratulated them again on their big news.

Why use a Criminal defense lawyer

cuffsSo, when you are required to face a harsh legal consequence which could engage probation, jail term or fines, you cannot afford to go about managing your legal condition without the services of a criminal defense lawyer. And you need to look for the services of a lawyer who has the experience, knowledge and the reputation in order to handle your case with the judges, prosecutors and courts.

He must instantly prepare for his defense as soon as a person is released from jail on signature and cash bond. For the person hiring a experienced criminal defense attorney immediately is the best way to prepare for the case. The sooner you benefit for the services of one the better for your chances at successful defense. And in cases where you have not been charged or you are still under investigation, you should immediately look for a legal counsel as it is your basic right.

When you are searching for your defense lawyer there are necessary guidelines that you should follow.

    1. In the location where you are facing criminal charges, you should perform an online search for a qualified criminal defense attorney who is practicing. You can narrow your search by focusing on legal practitioners who are specializing in criminal cases.houston-criminal-defense
    2. For your choice of criminal defense lawyer you can pick out the top 3 or 4 law firms. Screen the lawyer’s track record and credentials. You should verify his court experience in the court case that you are facing.
    3. You can check the criminal defense lawyer’s name by visiting the websites of the well-known criminal defense associations. For your attorney you should limit the search to those who are united of greatly regarded lawyer’s associations. California bar certified specialist is good choice if you are in that area.
    4. You should keep an eye on the reality of the maintained area of knowledge of the criminal defense lawyer. Also, you can check the local TV stations and State journal site.
    5. In order to verify if they provide free initial consultation you can call or visit the law firm so that you can look at the possibilities for their firm representing you in your court case.

Also, you should consider the following when selecting your criminal defense attorney.

  1. You should check for published books, treatises and articles that were written by the lawyer. As this can be a strong evidence of the capability of your legal counsel.
  2. You should confirm the number of complete acquittals won by the lawyer. This is a good proof on the degree of preparation and general court demeanor your lawyer.
  3. By his peers and his position in lawyer’s associations you should check on how your lawyer is regarded.
  4. You are assured of the competence and integrity of your criminal defense lawyer if there is a referral for the lawyer from state bars. In order to get the background information of your lawyer you can check the website of the state bar.


Review of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

downloadTitle chances of Nico Rosberg’s evaporated when his car had problems, whilst Hamilton led from the 1st corner to the flag
Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are going to confront each other in the World Championship showdown – and the thing is that all has come down to this – the final race of the season.
First off, let’s get the key facts: if Hamilton finishes 1st or 2nd, no matter where Rosberg finishes – he is the 2014 World Champion.
And after that it becomes a little more complex. Hamilton delivered a huge snub to Nico ahead of their desert showdown, loud – Your mind games will not work on me.
The twenty nine year old can become only the 4th Briton in history to win 2 World titles if he finishes in the top 2.
After Hamilton lost his the chance of extremity and Rosberg took front spot. This is what the German has said – ”I will maintain all the stress on – Lewis has been doing a few mistakes recently. These are some good signs that give me hope.”
However, Hamilton, who has a seventeen point lead, was more than happy after catching up with American hit maker Williams after the session. You can find Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets here.
Geri Halliwell and Prince Harry were guests of Red Bull in a star-studded pre-race pit lane. And calm Hamilton said back at Rosberg: “I do not pay too much interest to him. It is his unique way of dealing with things. And he added that the confidence is what he has in knowing he can race – helps a lot.”
How did we get here?
Rosberg and Hamilton have had such a leading car that they have had it practically all their own way all season – aside from when they have tripped over themselves and Red Bull’s Ricciardo sunk through to win.
Hamilton has won ten races to Rosberg’s 5 so far. However, the German’s steadiness in getting on to the podium, coupled with the ludicrous double points rule at this race, still means he can take the title.
In 1992, when Mansell won the Formula 1 world title, the same year, he won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.
And in 1996, when Hill won the Formula 1 world title, the same year he won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.
In 2008, when Hamilton won the Formula 1 world title, Hoy won the BBC award.b-start-yasm-2012-470x313
At the Beijing Olympics in that year, Chris had become the 1st British athlete to claim 3 gold medals at one game. Thus there was no snub, no shame in Hamilton losing in the vote to 1 of the finest ever Olympians.
And when Button won the F1 world title in the following year, and in the BBC vote he lost out to Giggs.
However, yet as the English racer prepares to try to seal his 2nd title in Abu Dhabi, it is worth asking a couple of questions:
What does Hamilton have to do to change that? Why is Hamilton not more popular?
Now, let’s be honest: Hamilton should be Britain’s favorite sportsman.


Tips on finding a good painter



  1. Be home for the initial meeting

The thing is that the more realistic the estimate will be if it takes longer for the contractor to assess the condition of your home. Keep in mind that even a knowledgeable painter will need more than a fast walk-around. You should ask about the experience and size of the crew. You should be wary of the promise that your job will be cheaper since it is a demonstration project to get more work in your neighborhood.

  1. You need to be clear about expectations

It is not just the number of coats that are applied that decides price and quality. The key is preparation, but it is also the area where consumer and contractor expectations go awry. However, if you want a surface that is free of roughness from previous paint jobs, you’ will need to say so, and you need to be prepared to pay extra. But, you need to point out what level of prep is suitable and what is not if you can live with some imperfections showing through.


Home improvement paint

  1. You need to check workandreferences

You should ask for references, call them, and you need to go and see the work. You need to examine jobs that were done a few years ago to see how the work of the painter is holding up. A good sign is a history of positive references. You need to use fresh projects in order to check the skills of a contractor’s current crew. And you also need to ask how problems or surprises were resolved.

  1. You should consider credentials

Keep in mind that membership in a trade or local business group is not a guarantee of quality, but it shows a level of reliability and commitment. Also, you should check with the Better Business Bureau, and your local consumer-affairs agency or state’s attorney general’s office in order to learn whether the contractor has a history of unresolved complaints.

  1. You need to get estimates

Always look for 3 written estimates. Every should include a breakdown of material costs, labor and the number of coats of paint and primer, the brand and model of materials, and a full description of the amount of surface preparation that will be done.

  1. You should choose the productbyyourself

Maybe your painter will try to talk you into a paint he prefers.

  1. You need to get atotalcontract

It should include all contractor’s key information: address, name, office and cell- phone numbers, and license number, and whatever details were in the estimate. You need to make sure it is clear what is and is not included in the job. You need to avoid a large down payment and withhold the final payment, typically ten to fifteen percent, until you are satisfied with the job. You should get a copy of every painter’s legal responsibility and workers compensation insurance certificates. Or else you could be on the hook if someone gets hurt while on the job.

  1. You should ask for a guarantee

The painter should promise to correct any peeling, chipping, flaking, blistering or excessive chalking or fading that happens inside 2 years after the job is done at no or little cost. Keep in mind if he tells you the paint itself has a guarantee, it does not include labor, which is a far more expensive proposition than material.


We have plenty experience with painting and remarkable whiteboard paint, if you care to join us.

How to throw an amazing party like Project X

article-2114450-121BA1D4000005DC-410_634x420Well, the thing is that at some point in your life, you will attend a house party or maybe even host one. In my opinion, attending one is the better option, because –no responsibility, no stress, zero care for anything, and there is no lecture in the morning (this lecture means if you are living with your parents – if not – make a party!).

Most probably that everyone would have seen that movie Project X; However, the thing is if you want to go to that extreme and do what they did – to burn your neighborhood down and have over thousand people party all night long, well go ahead! Oh do not forget about the consequences.

So, in this article we are going to give you a few tips on how to host an unforgettable house party, also for more tips check this web site http://thesecretpartyclub.com/.

First thing: You have to ensure that there is a lot of alcohol to last the night and of course early morning – depending on your situation (and that means if you have loads on money or you don’t have). People will party long and hard, so you need to have enough to feed hundreds of thirsty party goers!

Second thing: If you do not have a pool handy, you should create your own slip and slide. You could even encourage girls to go naked – yes, bikinis are fine, but the real thing is all naked! And that’s a party!

Third thing: No matter what age you are every party needs a massive jumping castle! Yes, we are all kids at heart, unless you are some uptight, fancy pants who cannot have fun. So, do not even bother to come to the party!

Fourth thing: You are going to need a good DJ with an awesome set. Because what is a party without loud and fast paced music? You should get some selection and play all night long.

Fifth thing: You have probably saw all those photos on Facebook with ball pits, and yes that is true. At any age you will always enjoy a massive pit full of balls, and to be precise the colored ones. You should dive into a fun wonderland all while intoxicated.

Sixth thing: You should take millions of photos or you could go one better and have your own photo booth! Because that suppose to be a bundle of fun, especially when you wake up in the morning to find last night’s craziness on hard copy. And remember there’s no escaping last night’s shame!

There are a few crazy ideas! Also, do not forget the alternatives –have security, hire a place, have some limits, and maybe not have a elf full of ecstasy. But to be honest, drugs always show up at a house party. That is just inevitable.

And the most important thing – make sure you throw one good party, or else you will be known as the loser who failed miserably! But maybe it will turn good for you and the next day at school you will become popular all of a sudden! So, it is always worth a shot.


How To Make Sure Your Site Gets Traffic


You can ask a business or marketer owner what they would like most in the world, and the answer would probably be – more customers. So, what frequently comes after customers on a business’ wish list? Well, more traffic to their site. As you already know that there are many ways for you to increase traffic on your website, and in this article, we are going to show you some of them. So, let’s start:

1. You need to advertise
Advertising is so obvious, so we are going to look at it first. Social media advertising, paid search and display advertising are all great ways of attracting visitors and also getting your site in front of people and building your brand. You need to adjust your paid strategies to go with your goals –are you looking to increase conversions or do you only want more traffic? Every paid channel has its pros and cons, and before you reach for your credit card you need think cautiously about your objectives.
You will need to target high commercial target keywords as part of your paid search strategies if you are hoping that more traffic to your site will result in more sales. Keep in mind that competition for these search terms can be expensive and fierce as well, but the payoffs can be worth it.

2. You need to get social
You have to be proactive – this means that is not enough to produce great content and hope that people will find it. In order to promote your content, one of the best ways to do that and to increase traffic to your website is using social media channels. So, Twitter can be ideal for snappy and short links, while Google+ promotion can help your site to come in personalized search results and looks particularly useful in B2B niches. You could find great traction with image-heavy social sites such as Instagram and Pinterest if you are a B2C product company.

3. You need to mix it up
Despite what some would have you believe, there is no any magic formula for content marketing success. And for this reason, you need to differ the format and length of your content in order to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers. You have to mix together a shorter blog posts based on news with long-form content with a video, data-driven pieces and info graphics for greatest impact.

4. You need to write irresistible headlines
One of the most important parts of your content is headlines. Even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread without a compelling headline. You should master the art of headline writing. If you didn’t know, the writers at Upworthy and BuzzFeed frequently write upward of 20 different headlines before them finally settling on the one that will drive the most traffic. So, before you hit – publish – you need to think carefully about your headline.

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The Essential Guide To Finding The Right Plumber

It is essential to choose the right plumber for any type of work around the home or in the office as if done incorrectly can cause a number of issues in the future. While there is a huge selection of these contractors available to hire, discovering somebody you can trust and who can carry out the job well the first run through – without making you take out a second home loan – is vital to keeping your home in good working order. Before you focus on a plumber, consider a couple of tips to help you discover the right one.

Use Your Network

Ask companions and neighbours who they use for their pipes needs. Referrals are the soul of numerous organizations, so if your neighbour has confidence in a trustworthy plumber or if one name or organization is suggested a few times, that plumber or organization has likely built up trust. If you are new to a territory, thumping on your neighbours’ doors is a decent approach to present yourself while you discover their proposals. Moreover, search for client investigated sites that account suggestions and dissatisfactions of neighbourhood and local suppliers.

Do Your Homework

seek a plumber

If your pipes needs aren’t earnest, when you’ve made your short rundown of plumbers, call the Better Business Bureau to figure out whether any of the organizations on your list has uncertain or a history of bad reviews. Figure out what sorts of pipes licenses and prerequisites are required to guarantee that whomever you pick meets or surpasses those necessities. For instance, in California, a pipes permit is needed for any employments that surpass $500 in expense. Certain states likewise permit you to explore if there are particular grievances against a pipes permit. Check out this great article from Wikihow with some additional steps on finding a great plumber: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-a-Good-Plumber

Comparison Shop

Once you’ve gotten your work done, record particularly what needs to be carried out, alongside a rundown of inquiries, and call every plumber to figure out whether they will issue you a free gauge. Contingent upon the plumber, he may charge by the occupation or by the hour, which will specifically impact your bill given the work’s intricacies. Your funds will impact the amount you can pay, and knowing a general size of charges and what you can bear the cost of will help you appropriately arrange. Use a comparison website such as Early Bird Plumbing or search various local directories such as Yelp or Thomson Local.

Ask Good Questionsplumber

The more inquiries you ask of a potential plumber, the more information you’ll increase about the specifics of the experience. Search for a plumber who has been doing business no less than 5 to 10 years, or who has an apprentice that will go hand in hand with him at work. Inquire as to whether they carry a copy of their licenses with them and also their protection, so you can focus that he has the skills for the employment and the assurance for your home if anything goes astray. As indicated by Angie’s List, a plumber ought to convey at least $500,000 obligation protection and in addition a laborer’s remuneration arrangement.

Two electrician repairing office lighting

How to choose the right electrician

Diverse factors come into consideration when choosing the right electrician. Hiring a qualified and reliable electrician marks the difference regardless of project size. However, the key priorities will be having a cost effective electrician, and that performs high quality work. Here are a few things that you can do to cut down your selection and ultimately select the electrician that cannot only complete the work fast, but to the utmost standards.

License & Certificate of Insurance

This is one of the most essential factors to consider on how to choose the right electrician is to check whether they are licensed and have a certificate of insurance for workers compensation and general liability. Also, make sure that the license is valid for performing the type of job that you require to be done. In addition, the insurance on the certificate should be enough to cover your property, in case something was to occur, the damage to your property would be covered.


One of the main checkpoints on how to choose the right electrician is if they are fully registered, this shows that they are registered with one of the regulatory bodies. These bodies maintain a register of who is qualified as prove that the electrician is not just an amateur.

A qualified electrician should comply with the following:

A safe electrical installation that complies with the latest construction regulations. A fully verified, inspected & tested electrical installation A safe electrical installation that abides by the latest electrical wiring regulations submission to Local Area Building Control / Building Inspector Check Reference & Recommendations

A legit electrician should be able to give references and recommendation from previous customers. Nowadays, most electricians have a website or are signed up to a directory (for instance, Check-a-trade) which is a website committed to reviewing trade workers . These website issue the reviews publicly thus if you are still uncertain about an electrician you can always confirm if they still appear on their website.

Project Completion Timeline and Costs

An experienced electrician will be in a position to provide you an accurate and comprehensive estimate of projects costs and duration of completion.

The best approach to make your choice is to be as organized as possible. Come up with a list of some the electricians that appear appealing to you and rate them from various criteria .This criteria will offer you a hand in narrowing down the list to get the right electrician for your job. By undertaking this practice in advance, you will almost without doubt save time, money and be stress free when it comes to finishing of all of your electrical works.

find best local contractor

How to find best local contractor

Finding best local contractor can be an overwhelming knowledge and to some degree scaring on the off chance that you don’t comprehend what you’re doing. The most essential thing you can do is to take the time to research and qualify your contractor to facilitate your anxiety and guarantee that the employment will be effective. It is critical to comprehend the steps important to discover and contract the right contractor for any home change venture. As an accomplished contractor, I’m cheerful to give these tips to mortgage holders. The procedure takes a little time and tolerance however at last, you will be happy that you did.

Begin asking companions, neighbors and local organizations for referrals. This will issue you firsthand experience about the contractor’s nature of work. Referrals are an extraordinary wellspring of data

With the rundown of contractors you have gotten, begin looking into every one. The most critical tip on settling on a decent contractor is to search for a contractor that is settled in the zone, has been doing business for a long time and has a great deal of involvement in the venture you are arranging. Likewise the greatest commercial in the telephone directory is not so much the best decision to make.

Research your contractors by calling the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and Building Department to see whether any grumblings have been recorded. Be careful about organizations that are new and unpracticed as they will normally cause you issues at last.

Presently you have all the data you have to be an educated shopper. The following step is to call the contractor. This will issue you an early introduction. Did the contractor give back your call speedily? Did he take the time to disclose everything to your fulfillment? Did the contractor set up an arrangement inside a sensible time? In particular did the contractor appear to be intrigued?

Amid the introductory telephone discussion asks a couple of inquiries, for example, Do you have the obliged protection, permit and holding? To what extent have you been doing business? What is your forte and how soon would you be able to begin? Meet with the contractor and furnish him with a reasonable and itemized depiction of your venture. You can never give enough data Verify the contractor knows precisely what you need and expect, never accept anything. Pay consideration on his non-verbal communication and voice tone. Recall that, you must feel good meeting expectations with this individual.

Oblige a definite appraisal. Get a complete portrayal of all materials. The assessment ought to incorporate a begin date and a sensible completion date. On the off chance that you ask for any progressions amid the task, verify you get an upgraded report in composing that shows precisely what changes must be carried out and the additional expense.